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SimplyHealed Medical Group Inc.

SimplyNature PPARs Softgel Capsules (Set of 3)

SimplyNature PPARs Softgel Capsules (Set of 3)

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SimplyNature PPARs Softgel Capsules are developed specifically to target gene activation and cellular nutrition which makes them ideal for cellular rejuvenation, healing, and recovery from illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, and Immune Deficiencies, including Eczema/Psoriasis.

Each SOFT GEL Capsule is equivalent to more than thirty-five (35) SimplyNature PPARs tablets worth of PPAR agonists and cellular nutrition, offering basic protection against the side effects of Chemotherapy.

SimplyNature PPARs Softgel Capsules alleviate the symptoms and address the root cause of Eczema/Psoriasis by restoring the body's normal immune system response. They also reduce inflammation associated with Eczema/Psoriasis, including joint pains, helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.


Dosage recommendation:
Take 1 softgel once a day on an empty stomach or as prescribed by your physician.

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