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SimplyNature PPARs Plus Tablets (Set of 2)

SimplyNature PPARs Plus Tablets (Set of 2)

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Introducing SimplyNature PPARs Plus, the natural gene activator and basic primary foundational supplement, ideal for health enthusiasts and those in need of healing. This product was formulated to improve your health and immune system, achieve healthy blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels, and support a strong cardiovascular system. It is effective for use by individuals with Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, and Immune Deficiencies.

SimplyNature PPARs Plus is fortified with natural Grape Polyphenols including Resveratrol from red grape skin which is a POWERFUL antioxidant protecting the cardiovascular system. This readily digestible alkaline microalgae formula is a natural WHOLE SUPERFOOD, everything the body needs for a strong foundation for good health.

Clinically proven in published Medical Journals, SimplyNature's unique microalgae contains natural PPAR agonists that activate genes and modulate them via the following 4 pathways and functions in your body.

The Immune System Response Pathway - More than supporting your immune system with Vitamin C, D, E (which PPARs Plus contains!), PPARs Plus activates the immune system. PPARs Plus is the ignition-key of your immune system, the key to fighting Cancer.

The Inflammatory Response Pathway - Inflammation is the root cause of almost every chronic disease, from cardiovascular to cancer, even brain disorders. PPARs Plus activates the pathways that control inflammation. This product is MORE than an anti-inflammatory supplement, it activates your body's mechanism to manage inflammation, key for Cancer, Heart diseases, even Brain disorders.

The Metabolic Pathway - PPARs Plus improves your metabolic functions, which means better blood sugar balance, healthier cholesterol levels, and weight management. The key for blood sugar and blood cholesterol management.

Cellular Differentiation - PPARs Plus ensures the proper development and duplication of your cells. Great for cancer prevention and just overall healthy organs! Healthy organs mean a healthy body!

Our SimplyNature PPARs Plus is rich in cellular nutrition, RNA, natural nucleic acids, and C.G.F. for cellular function and growth. Healthy cells > Healthy Organs > Overall Good Health!

This product is plant-based and is suitable for all ages from infants to the elderly. It contains 60% plant protein, a complete Amino Acid Profile, and all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, naturally! It is the best complete natural whole-body nutrition supplement.

SimplyNature PPARs Plus is also rich in chlorophyll for detoxification and fiber content. It even contains Vitamin B12, which vegetarians may lack.

Try SimplyNature PPARs Plus tablets, the natural gene activator and cellular nutrition supplement for improved health and stronger immunity.


Dosage Recommendation:

Take 10-20 microtablets per day or as prescribed by your physician. Chewed or swallowed whole.

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Wanted to try your product and was in process of ordering it and found out I have to pay a delivery fee of 100.00 . I do not understand the delivery fee being more than one bottle of the supplement to see if I can tolerate your product thanks