Mary Grace P. Lim, RPh, MD, DPCLM, DipIBLM

Dr. Mary Grace P. Lim is a lifestyle medicine specialist and primary care physician who values continuity of care for her patients.

She emphasizes the importance of healthy lifestyle choices in preventing chronic and preventable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and stroke and advocates for education to tackle this global health issue.

Dr. Lim sets an example and shares her journey towards eliminating lifestyle-modifiable diseases, aiming to help people live long and have a good quality of life.

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Clinic Schedule

Online Consultation

Saturday: 9am - 11am (by appointment only)

In-Person Consultation (by appointment only)

Location: Adventist Medical Center Palawan

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 5pm - 6pm

(contact number 09057809968)


Visiting Consultant, Adventist Medical Center Palawan

Medical Officer IV, Puerto Princesa City Health Office

Diplomate, International Board of Lifestyle Medicine

Diplomate, Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine


Diplomate, International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (2020) - Top 3

Diplomate, Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine (2020) - Top 3

Physician, Philippine Professional Regulation Commission Board of Medicine (2018)

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine is a medical specialty that uses evidence-based therapeutic lifestyle interventions to prevent, treat, and often reverse the progression of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes. By using a whole-food, plant-predominant eating pattern, physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances and positive social connections, these interventions provide effective solutions for chronic conditions.